Meet the husband and wife team who are on a mission to improve the health of dogs around the world

A YORKSHIRE businessman who co-founded, ran and then sold a successful technology firm has launched a new business which aims to improve the health of dogs around the world.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 2:45 pm
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 2:48 pm
Barry Rubery and his wife and business partner Emma-Jane Rubery have launched a new pet food and tech brand Kasper & Kitty. Picture: SWNS

Kasper & Kitty has been set up by Barry Rubery, former chief executive of Pace, the world’s largest manufacturer of set-top boxes, alongside his wife Emma-Jane Rubery. The venture is launching in the UK and will then target the European and Australian markets.

The brand will sell a complete range of hand-blended dog food and treats alongside a tech-enabled activity collar and associated phone app.

The company has a subscription-based home delivery service which delivers a monthly package of nutritious dog food for each pet, using data collected from Kasper & Kitty’s website or app. The company is also providing a FITKOLAR, a collar which monitors the dog’s activity.

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A spokesman said: “Based on that activity, which can be viewed on the app or website dashboard, an algorithm calculates whether the next delivery will change in terms of recipe and amount of food to be fed to the dog.”

Mr Rubery said: “Pets and set-top boxes may not be the most obvious of bedfellows, but what they both have in common are huge international markets. The market in the UK alone for pets is worth around £17bn.

“We took Pace and created a company with a global footprint and our ambition is to do the same in the pet industry with Kasper & Kitty.

“There are 13 million households with pets in the UK alone and what is becoming an increasing problem is over-feeding. Pet obesity is showing no signs of slowing so our offer will mix tech and data with a home delivery service to create a managed feeding programme.

Mr Rubery added: “Great quality kibble food will be delivered to your home based on the recommended daily calorie intake for a specific dog using data input by the owner, either via our app or website.”

Emma-Jane Rubery added: “Kasper & Kitty will change how we care for our pets by creating a home-delivered, calorie-counted, managed feeding programme supported by an activity collar and data dashboard. It’s bringing pet healthcare into the 21st century.”

The husband and wife team are being joined in the venture by the food industry veteran Steve Fox.