Leeds pub The Drysalters apologises after 'horrifying' gig goes ahead despite complaints

A Leeds pub has issued an apology after being inundated with complaints about a punk night staged at the venue this weekend.

By Georgina Morris
Monday, 25th July 2022, 1:18 pm

The Drysalters pub is understood to have hosted a number of acts on Saturday night including Combat BC, a band whose promotional material appears to feature Nazi-inspired imagery.

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The venue on the Ring Road in Beeston first acknowledged concerns had been raised when it posted a message on Facebook at 7.50pm on Saturday that stood by the decision to allow the gig to go ahead, saying the police had mentioned “nothing untoward”.

The second post shared by The Drysalters on its Facebook page.

But after the post attracted more than 200 comments, it has now offered a “sincere apology” and insisted staff were “none the wiser” about the nature of the band’s content prior to the event.

The original post also appeared to suggest that those voicing concerns were failing to support the pub after a community campaign to save it from closure last year.

It read: “For everyone who is complaining about what music is taking place tonight, the police have been and nothing untoward has been mentioned. So as for Save the Salters, those who are moaning, where have you been?”

Dozens of angry messages were posted in response, criticising the pub for letting the gig go ahead when there had been significant enough concerns that the police had been involved in some way.

The Drysalters has been saved from closure twice in recent years.

LuLu Kitch said: “Horrifying that they have got to play in one of our local pubs. Drysalters needs to accept that this was a huge mistake on their part - maybe without knowing - and say that it was a mistake. A total disgrace to our community.”

Kiosk Man said: “Way to destroy your credibility as a venue. Hope the bar takings were worth it.”

Michelle Kolberg said: “Not sure why you'd think the coppers giving the OK was an excuse, but the simple fact is, there isn't one.”

Sinead Egerton said: “If you didn’t know at time of booking fair do but as soon as you knew, it should have been cancelled. You have not done yourself any favours.”

GT Patterson said: “Even if they only found out 30 seconds before the show, it was their duty to shut it down.”

A second post from the pub on Sunday afternoon took on a very different tone, offering an apology to all those who had been upset and stressing that the pub team do not hold racist views.

It read: “I will start with a sincere apology to all. We didn't start this with the intention of upsetting anyone. We had a call early in the year asking to book the pub, we were told they were skinheads. When they arrived yesterday, we were still none the wiser.

"It wasn't until the gig was underway and people were ringing and telling us what they were about. We were naive about the bands. I had never heard of them but I had never heard of the other bands we have had either.

"We as people are not racist in anyway. So I can say we are very sorry for the upset that it has caused. It will never happen again. There is not much else I can say apart from how really sorry we are.”

Combat BC have been approached for comment.