How 34,000 green energy jobs are set to be created in Leeds

Nearly 34,000 new green energy jobs are set to be created in Leeds by 2050, it is claimed today.
Is Leeds set for a green energy bonanza?Is Leeds set for a green energy bonanza?
Is Leeds set for a green energy bonanza?

A major report from the Local Government Association (LGA) published today says that the demand for green jobs in the North of England will accelerate massively to 420,000, as the nation pivots towards a net zero emissions economy in 30 years.

Jobs in the region are set to be created to increase wind capacity, constructing and maintaining Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) plants to de-carbonise energy production and industries, and from the installation of bioenergy facilities and hydrogen production to support industrial and wider de-carbonisation.

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The LGA data shows that Leeds will be among the strongest cities in the UK in creating jobs to support these industries.

Leeds is predicted to create 34,000 jobs.Leeds is predicted to create 34,000 jobs.
Leeds is predicted to create 34,000 jobs.

By the end of the decade, it predicts 2,309 new jobs in low carbon heat, 3,573 roles in clean energy production. By 2050, it forecasts 5,378 new jobs supporting the offshore wind industry.

The LGA claims the green energy sector can help lead regions out of Covid-19 slump. It is calling for national skills and employment schemes and funding to be devolved to councils and combined authorities so they can work with businesses and education providers to train and retrain young people and older workers so they can benefit from these new local opportunities.

Coun Sir Richard Leese, chairman of the LGA’s City Regions Board, said: “Councils are driving the climate change agenda at a local level, through ambitious projects and targets, which is beginning to influence local economic growth plans and skills programmes. Demand for green jobs is due to sky-rocket as we move towards a net zero economy and local government, with its local knowledge and expertise, is best placed to ensure the workforce in every region of the country can successfully surf the new wave of employment opportunities. Localising and devolving skills investment and any job guarantee will be critical to ensuring everyone benefits from new local jobs, including these one million new low carbon jobs.

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“To help meet national climate change targets and capitalise on the green jobs revolution, councils need to be given long-term funding, devolved powers and easier access to complex government funding pots to help realise the Government’s target of being carbon neutral by 2050.”