This new secret burger joint has opened in Leeds for lockdown takeaways - famous for selling only one burger

photo: #Burgerizephoto: #Burgerize
photo: #Burgerize
A new secret burger bar famous for serving only one type of burger has opened in Leeds for takeaway during lockdown.

#Burgerize is hidden away in the Cardigan Mills workspace off Kirkstall Road in Leeds.

It opened eight weeks ago, but only some people will know that it exists as the #Burgerize owner chose to put no signage up at the joint, and didn't advertise its opening.

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The burger shop sells only one burger option with a small selection of toppings - as owner Mohammed Hussain is confident that only this one product is needed for success.

The joint is located off Kirkstall Road in Leeds (photo: #Burgerize)The joint is located off Kirkstall Road in Leeds (photo: #Burgerize)
The joint is located off Kirkstall Road in Leeds (photo: #Burgerize)

Mohammed, who wants his franchise in Leeds to become popular by 'word of mouth', said: "We go with soft openings where we have all our staff in place but don't advertise and don't tell anyone.

"The joints are supposed to gain traction and build themselves up through word of mouth.

"It's been so popular so far and we are constantly increasing our staff numbers - over the last three weeks we've hired two extra full time staff.

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"We sell one burger product and I'm confident and happy that with this, we don't need anything else.

"We want people to taste the actual burger and so we only offer the brioche bread, burger meat, maple-glazed bacon, our cheese sauce, onions, gherkins, tomatoes and lettuce.

"People can choose which toppings they do and don't want but we primarily want them to taste the quality of the meat.

"It may seem odd for a burger joint, but it works."

Mohammed, from Huddersfield, has #Burgerize branches in Bolton, Oldham and Bradford as well.

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He currently employs seven staff at the Leeds joint but this will increase to ten over the next two months.

The 32-year-old owner added: "It's my way or no way with these burgers.

"I'm very protective over my brand and it's all about the quality.

"I go to each branch every week to oversee what my staff are doing.

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"They aren't allowed to give out the food unless it's perfect and that's all that matters to me."

The first #Burgerize store was opened in January 2020, and Mohammed is looking to expand further to more cities across the UK in 2021.

Burgers can be ordered through the website or telephone for collection outside the joint, and orders on arrival are welcomed as well.