Plusnet unveils new advert in Leeds that can only be read in cars' rear view mirrors

How the Plusnet adverts will appear.How the Plusnet adverts will appear.
How the Plusnet adverts will appear.
Many of us will be looking forward to putting 2020 behind us.

Now Sheffield communications provider Plusnet is unveiling a new advertising campaign that does just the same.

To celebrate seeing the back of a difficult year it is unveiling billboards designed to be viewed from behind in the rearview mirrors of cars.

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As part of its new campaign, That’ll Do, the ad will give those hitting the road on New Year’s Eve as they motor away from 2020 into a more hopeful 2021.

The new advert.The new advert.
The new advert.

In 180° reversed letters the billboard’s tagline reads “Putting 2020 behind you? That’ll Do” but appears the right way round to anyone looking in their vehicle’s rear-view mirrors.

It will be seen in UK cities including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Bristol.

The ad - developed by Karmarama, part of Accenture Interactive – comes is part of Plusnet’s new campaign, That’ll Do, delivering a message to customers about value.

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Sam Calvert, Marketing Director at Plusnet, said: “We wanted to make something that summed up how people feel about seeing the back of 2020 in a fun way, while also getting across the message of what That’ll Do means for us here in Yorkshire.

"This campaign has been designed for passengers to enjoy and spark conversations reflecting on a year like no other. Like many, we’re happy to see the back of 2020 and wish everyone a Happy New Year.”