How spraying with cork can add value to your home

Cork offers a sustainable solution to render repairs and interior insulation to boost your home’s value, as well as offering significant savings by boosting energy efficiency.

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Friday, 15th July 2022, 10:03 am
SprayCork modernises the look of pebbledash, stone and brick, all while providing extra insulation
SprayCork modernises the look of pebbledash, stone and brick, all while providing extra insulation

A high-performance spray-applied cork coating, SprayCork from CorkSol can futureproof your home, ensuring it stays well insulated and looking its best for years to come.

Selected by Kevin McCloud, presenter of TV’s Grand Designs, as a ‘green hero’, it provides a thermal, breathable, acoustic solution for walls and roofs – here’s what to expect if you get your home treated:

Diagnosing the problem

Futureproofing rendered homes and reducing energy bills

All houses move, expanding and contracting very slightly, and with traditional materials this can cause cracks in the coating which can worsen if left alone, warns Joff Ward, MD and founder of CorkSol UK.

“Render and external coatings can start to fail over time. As householders, we tend to sit back when this happens but, because of the typical weather patterns in the UK, with periods of hot sunshine followed later in the year by cold winds, rain and freezing temperatures, this can cause water to freeze in those cracks which then damages the render,” explains Joff, who was inspired to set up the company in 2015 after seeing the success of SprayCork in use in the Netherlands.

“Instead of dealing with the problem when it is just a hairline crack, you could end up with an issue where the render is going to have to be removed and replaced.”

A long-lasting solution

Re-rendering external walls can be financially onerous and also takes its toll on the environment, as the defunct plaster has to be disposed of via landfill. In addition, when you replace the render, this can also cause further shifts in the property, particularly if a non-breathable coating is applied.

If homeowners take early action, SprayCork can be applied directly to the existing render “before it has got to the point where it has blown – think of it as a stitch in time,” adds Joff. “Cork will reseal the property and provide the protection that it needs for insulation.”

Minimal disruption

“It is a very precise process,” explains Joff. “Your property will be masked up to cover all paintwork and we will remove downpipes if you don’t want them to be the same colour; if there is scaffolding up, we even wrap the scaffolding. Any part of the property which isn’t being treated will be fully protected from the spray.”

The process is weather-dependent - CorkSol’s fully trained operators won’t apply the coating in high winds to avoid the product being carried onto neighbouring properties - and it’s surprisingly quick: a typical semi-detached home can be covered in three or four days.

Adding value to your home

The chic look a cork coating provides is becoming increasingly popular among owners of pebbledash homes, says Joff. “The initial kerb appeal that can be achieved by a simple process like this is significant for that type of house.”

As well as improving the aesthetic appeal and repairing potential issues that would be picked up in a survey, those thinking of selling their homes can add value with SprayCork’s extensive energy-saving benefits.

SprayCork from CorkSol – which can also be used on interior walls to improve insulation and offer a breathable alternative to traditional materials - is scientifically proven to reduce heat loss through walls by 30 per cent, which is guaranteed to have a positive impact on the overall energy performance of your property over time. And, as an energy-saving material, SprayCork benefits from the 0% VAT rate, making its installation a cost-effective solution to improving the look and performance of your home.

“It’s a win-win for everyone. If you’re selling your home then it adds value aesthetically plus the insulation benefits will save on energy bills for years to come,” says Joff. “Or if you’re staying put, you have the peace of mind that you have dealt with any incipient problems, as well as knowing you are improving the performance of your heating at a time when energy bills are skyrocketing.”

Peace of mind

With CorkSol having the utmost confidence in their product as a long-term, low-maintenance solution for damaged render, the product warranty has now been increased to 25 years, meaning that years down the line, a home coated with SprayCork will look as good as they day it was sprayed.

A brand you can trust

CorkSol UK Ltd is dedicated to the distribution of innovative, natural products which meet the needs of the homeowner in an age driven by sustainability. Launching in the UK in 2015, CorkSol has carried out over 3000 projects across the nation and has an extensive network of approved applicators spanning the country.

Find out more about adding value to your home with SprayCork visit the website here.