Barfly: Angelica, Trinity, Leeds

In the last three years since the Trinity Centre opened with an array of bars and restaurants wider than the shops, it has always been deemed perhaps that The Alchemist was '˜the place to go'.

Friday, 11th November 2016, 9:41 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:02 pm

And while indeed it lives up to its reputation there is a lesser known spot perched on top of this now Leeds landmark.

After taking a lift to the sixth floor and having to make your way through a series of doorways you find yourself in a modern, intimate and yet bright room with a circular central bar planted firmly in the middle.

Tables and chairs are strategically placed around the edge to make the most of the panoramic views of the stunning Leeds skyline.

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Such is the setting of Angelica’s that you would be forgiven for thinking, as was by a friend, that entry to the bar is by invite only.

And while it can be argued that Angelica’s is at that end of the market, staff are both super professional yet friendly.

We opted for two glasses of the Argentinian Cava Chandon Brut.

And at £8 a glass it is by no means the cheapest or the most expensive but tastes crisp, indulgent, fresh and well, perfect after a hard day’s shopping.

The drinks list is comprehensive with cocktails from £7 to £11 for an Angelica’s classic and wines, craft beers and pretty much every spirit you could think of.

There are literally hundreds of bottles adorning that centrepiece bar from English gins to French vodka and Tobagan rum.

If you are going all out, and this would be the place to do it, you can have bottle service at your table from £120 to £235.

Or, you could just have a beer with the majority being from local Yorkshire breweries. It is £3.50 for a Peroni and £5.50 for the craft blondes.

Surprisingly given that price list the food menu is reasonably priced and there is a very popular two courses for £15 offer running on weekdays which we were fast to take up.

Fish and chips features but if you fancy something a little fancier pork loin, with carrots and black pudding is delicious but the size of the portion left a little to be desired in comparison so definitely room for the sticky toffee pudding which was well worth raiding the calories bank for.

If you just fancied lighter snacks then fries or sweet potato fries are just £3.50 and a cheese board is £12.

The clientele is mixed with middle-aged couples on a leisurely day out, young city smart men enjoying a bottle of champagne or professionals having post work drinks.

You get what you pay for and so the saying goes - and here you do. It maybe top end pricey but the surroundings, service and quality and that view are worth it for a treat.