Barfly - The Railway, Calverley Bridge

It’s hard to imagine, for those of us under a certain age, how the railway line ran so close to the canal and the river between Calverley and Rodley.

By YEP Reviewer
Thursday, 11th July 2019, 3:43 pm
The Railway pub at Calverley Bridge.
The Railway pub at Calverley Bridge.

But it did and of course, some lines still do, but there is a pub nestled in a valley called The Railway so one assumes it wasn’t too far away from where the pub marks the spot.

A closer look at the pictures of the past which adorn the pub inside suggest it was part of the railway buildings but another suggests it was the lock-keepers cottage.

A pleasant change opting for a real ale instead of prosecco.

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First Impressions

Aside from looking at the old photos, which to be fair tested the brain during our visit, this is a proper, traditional, cosy, country pub. It was a summer visit and the pub is a pleaser for the cyclists and walkers watching the world go by, but a real fire on the inside suggests there would be worse places to get snowed in at too.

What’s behind the bar?

A good selection of proper pints - Black Sheep, Leeds Pale and Theakston to name a few on hand-pull. There are red and white wines and spirits as standard, plus mini bottles of prosecco - much to my delight as this is my usual tipple.

What did you drink?

Opting not to go for my default prosecco I thought that while I was in a proper country pub I should try a proper country drink so, totally testing the tastebuds, I ordered a Black Sheep. Asked if I wasn’t sure I actually wanted a pint by the landlord, I stayed with the half (was tempted to go for the pint pot though). With Birra Morretti off on our visit, my friend ordered a Bramha lager which is from Brazil. My point here is rather than the standard Carling or Fosters it is nice to see that you can sample a taste of world beers. My dabble with Black Sheep was smooth, mellow and very easy drinking (definitely could have managed a pint).

What was the atmosphere like?

On a Tuesday evening, after the rain came, it obviously wasn’t a heaving Saturday night but it was really nice to see a country type local with a regular stream of local and passing custom, taking a little time out of the usual hum drum, making for a relaxing and laid back place for a pint.

Will you be going back?

Absolutely yes. They allow dogs, always a winner for me, so a prosecco with the pup calls soon.