Music interview '“ Brawther: '˜There's no time for being pretentious in Leeds'

Brawther is a name that's been on the house music radar for quite some time, however whilst residing in Leeds for the past six years the French native has found more inspiration than ever.

Thursday, 21st June 2018, 1:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 12:09 pm

He has now just released his debut album Transient States and while this has been his most changeling project to date, it’s been the stand-out moment of his career. He sat down to discuss the album and why Leeds has been so important to his productions.

Tell us about your new LP. Talk us through the process of producing different genres within the piece?

I’ve been working with a few local musicians, notably Chris Dawkins for guitars and Dan Goldman for Rhodes. They were able to give me the exact flavour I needed. I had a variety of tracks that I knew required the skills of a musician to take it to another level. I’m more known for making straight up house music so it was really enjoyable to take my time with this project and get a little bit more adventurous. The different styles showcased have played a part in my musical education so it felt natural to pay tribute.

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And do you have a stand-out track?

I Just Can’t Explain featuring Javonntte from Detroit, is the song that took the most effort to complete. It’s the only proper ‘song’ with a more traditional structure as opposed to club-style tracks. It’s also the first time I’ve collaborated with a singer. Chris is on the guitar, Dan rerecorded my Rhodes part, and I even recorded some congas while in Lisbon last year. I massively enjoyed the process for this one.

And the reaction so far, how has that been?

So far so good. I’m really thankful for the people who have been supporting my music for years and keep on doing so by purchasing my vinyl-only releases. In every country there is a small niche that supports this underground scene. I’m going to make sure the album is also available to stream on most platforms as I’m keen to make this LP accessible to new audiences.

It’s also on a new label, what else can we expect from the imprint moving forward?

Negentropy (the label) will be focused on showcasing the music from a range of artists with the aim to provide a credible platform to the world. It’s also going to be housing any project of mine that is more personal and experimental.

Most people know that you’re based in Leeds. How has the city inspired you since you’ve been here?

It’s been nearly six years now! I’ve discovered Leeds in the summer of 2003 when I was working as a waiter in a city centre hotel. That’s when I stumbled onto Back2Basics at Rehab. It had quite an impact on me and probably planted the seed for me to live there one day. I love the people in Yorkshire, they are usually warm-hearted with such a strong sense of humour. There’s no time for being pretentious in Leeds unlike cities like London where it’s difficult to steal a smile from those busy commuters.

You’ve had some amazing collaborations with local legend Tristan Da Cuhna under Dungeon Meat, can we expect more there also?

Yes, there is some new music coming before the end of the year. We have actually been playing a lot of unreleased material as we usually do. The tunes are a couple of years old but still work on the dancefloor. Watch this space!

Is this the same with My Love is Underground?

Jeremy has a track of mine and it will come out soon. I’m more focused on my label these days but who knows, the door is always open with My Love is Underground.

Tell us about your summer? Where can we see you play?

Summer is looking good, it’s usually a busy time in the year for touring. I will be in Club Der Visionaire in Berlin on June 21, Amsterdam June 29 for the Nomads Festival, Hills Have Vibes Festival in Derbyshire July 14, Paris July 27 and many more.

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