South Park special: how to watch the coronavirus pandemic episode from the UK as season 24 of the hit animated sitcom starts

A new episode of South Park premiered last week, focusing on the coronavirus pandemic and a number of other topical issues
South Park is back with an hour long special on coronavirusSouth Park is back with an hour long special on coronavirus
South Park is back with an hour long special on coronavirus

The creatively titled episode, The Pandemic Special, which aired earlier last week was the first of the show’s 24th season.

It was the first hour long episode in the show’s history, though it might not be the last - it comes after reports this summer that the show’s creators have been in talks about making more movies and special episodes.

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The episode was well-received on social media, and earned the show their highest ratings in seven years from its original broadcast, with millions more expected to watch it online afterwards.

What is the episode about?

The trailer for the episode, released by Comedy Central earlier this month, shows Eric Cartman - one of the show’s main characters - angry about being forced to go back to school after lockdown. His more cautious and morally-upright friend, Kyle Broflovski, chides him, “Get out of my house, you could be spreading germs!”

The trailer also shows clips of the programme’s classic school classroom shot, but with the new additions of face masks, one way system markings on the floor, and plastic visors around each desk.

According to the episode’s synopsis, “Randy comes to terms with his role in the Covid-19 outbreak as the on-going pandemic presents continued challenges to the citizens of South Park.

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“The kids happily head back to school but nothing resembles the normal that they once knew, not their teachers, not their home room, not even Eric Cartman.”

How can I watch it in the UK?

As the show has now aired in the US, UK viewers will be able to watch it on US streaming service HBO Max. All South Park episodes will also be available, uncensored, to download on Google Play, Sony Entertainment Network, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and XBOX Live.

The full series is also expected to be added to NOWTV, though an exact date is yet to be confirmed

Created by comedic duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone in 1997, South Park has consistently sparked outrage with its cutting satire of current affairs as well as more abstract and often crude storylines.

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