Mr Bean: is Rowan Atkinson’s character returning in an animated movie and series to mark 30th anniversary?

Co-writer Richard Curtis has insinuated there could be a millennial reboot of the comedy show

By Chelsea Rocks
Monday, 11th January 2021, 4:50 pm

He is arguably one of the most recognisable faces of 1990s TV, but could Rowan Atkinson be making a Mr Bean comeback.

The comedy first aired in the 1990s, and movies followed in 1997 and 2007. In 2020, funnyman and screenwriter Atkinson confirmed he is currently working on a third movie, which will be animated, as well as a television series.

However, he hasn’t spoken favourably of his character, so will he take part in another series? Here is what we know so far.

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Rowan Atkinson could could be returning as Mr Bean for a third movie (Picture: Shutterstock)

When was Mr Bean originally on TV?

The first episode aired on January 1, 1990 and got the decade off to a hilarious start with Atkinson playing mumbling, bumbling grumpy middle-aged Mr Bean.

The series continued until 1995, but only 18 episodes were ever produced - 14 as part of the main series and four for Comic Relief.

However, he was also the executive producer and voiceover of Mr Bean in 130 episodes of the animated series.

Rowan Atkinson wrote and starred as the main character, initially developing the rubber-faced character a decade earlier when he was studying electrical engineering at Oxford University.

The show was co-wrote by Richard Curtis and has since aired in over 200 countries globally.

The famous pair went on to produce the 2017 and 2007 movie versions, in which Atkinson also starred as the main man, alongside French actress Emma de Caunes.

What has Rowan Atkinson featured in since?

Throughout his career, spanning more than 40 years, 66-year-old Atkinson has been acclaimed for his contributions to film and television.In 2013, he received a CBE for services to drama and charity.

The screenwriter and actor has also been awarded a BAFTA and Olivier Award.

As well as his role as the famous Mr Bean, Atkinson has played Johnny English in the 2003 film of the same name, Edmund Blackadder in Blackadder, Mr Stringer in The Witches and Father Gerald in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

What do we know about the new Mr Bean movie?

This will be the third movie in which Atkinson plays the role of Mr Bean, all of which have been written by himself and Curtis.

In 2018, Atkinson told fans, while appearing on The Graham Norton Show, that there would be no comeback.

He said: "I doubt he will ever reappear," adding: "There does come a point when you've done all you can.”

However, it has since been confirmed that Mr Bean would return in an animated movie, set to be released in 2021 or 2022.

Despite accumulating a rumoured net-worth of £100 million largely thanks to Bean and Johnny English, Atkinson described playing the character as “stressful and exhausting,”

He told RadioTimes: “I don't much enjoy playing him. The weight of responsibility is not pleasant. I find it stressful and exhausting, and I look forward to the end of it.”

Will Atkinson return for a new television series?

Atkinsonhas said dislikes the responsibility of playing grumpy Mr Bean, but co-write Curtis has alluded to the possibility of another series.

More than 30 years after the first episode, Curtis has said a new series would feature an older, grumpier version of the muttering character.

He spoke about Beanon ITV documentary ‘Happy Birthday Mr Bean’, which aired on ITV on 10 January.

Curtis said: “Old Bean is what we're now thinking of doing, He's always had a kind of grumpy selfishness which might adapt well."

However, it has not been confirmed whether production is underway and whether Atkinson will take part.

Rowan told RadioTimes: “Having made an animated TV series, we're now in the foothills of developing an animated movie for Mr Bean – it's easier for me to perform the character vocally than visually.

“I don't actually like the process of making anything – with the possible exception of Blackadder, because the responsibility for making that series funny was on many shoulders, not just mine.”

Fans of the original series can watch ‘Happy Birthday Mr Bean’, a TV documentary about the character’s funniest moments on the ITV player.