Live updates as Samuel L Jackson and Emilia Clarke arrive in Leeds to start filming Marvel Secret Invasion

Follow live updates as filming of Marvel Secret Invasion gets underway in Leeds city centre.

By Jonathan Pritchard and Alex Grant
Sunday, 23rd January 2022, 10:24 am

Hollywood superstars such as Samuel L Jackson and Emilia Clarke are in Leeds today to shoot the latest Marvel production.

Preparation has been getting underway for a number of days in West Yorkshire for the shooting to begin. A number of roads are closed in Leeds city centre, while a set has been created at The Piece Hall in Halifax.

The series is due to be shot in Leeds today (Jan 23) before moving across to The Piece Hall for the rest of the week.

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Filming of the new Marvel series Secret Invasion is set to begin in Leeds today

The upcoming American miniseries, created by Kyle Bradstreet, will be available to watch on Disney+ upon its release.

A star cast will be appearing on the show, including Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos and Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill.

The plot features a group of shapeshifting aliens, the Skrulls, have invaded all aspects of life on Earth.

Currently there is no confirmed date for its release.

Follow the latest updates below.

Marvel Secret Invasion being shot in Leeds with Samuel L Jackson and Emilia Clarke

Last updated: Sunday, 23 January, 2022, 12:29

  • Filming is beginning in Leeds city centre today
  • Samuel L Jackson and Emilia Clarke are in attendance
  • A number of roads have been closed in the city centre

Crowds are gathering

Disruption kept to a minimum

Disruption has been kept to a minimum for businesses in the city centre, but there are security guards working to stop people going down some streets.

Business are open as usual

Okay, you ARE as excited as us

Cast members waiting in between scenes

Cast members waiting in between scenes

It’s a Leeds taxi, but not as you know it

It looks like whoever tweeted earlier about Leeds being turned into Russia was right.

This taxi has popped up on Russell Street - complete with Russian livery

A taxi on Russell Street

But filming is going on outside the Tattu restaurant

Filming outside Tattu

It’s all quiet at the moment

It’s all quiet at this end

There’s a very fancy looking car on the set at the moment!

A sportscar can be seen on set
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