10 things you said about... the best film series ever

We asked our readers what they thought was the best film series ever.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 4:45 pm
Is there a better film series than Star Wars?

On Star Wars Day (May 4) we asked our readers whether they thought Star Wars was the best film series ever, and if not, what is?

Here were some of your responses:

David Clements - "Back to the Future."

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Simon Double-Vey - "Same as every normal person, Rocky or Rambo."

Daniel Skelton - "The Godfather."

Kim Ding - "Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman."

Gaz Jones - "Just glad they only made the original trilogy of Star Wars."

Sharon Grace - "The Avengers."

Robin Livingstone - "Terminator, Bad Boys, Harry Potter, Shrek, Ace Ventura, Too Fast..."

Victoria Thurston - "Police Academy and Star Wars."

Chris Hatton - "Toy Story!"

Jack Kerr - "Lord of the Rings by far!"

What do you think? Is Star Wars the best film series ever or is it overrated?