#YEPleeds Family of the Week: Meet the Townsleys

The Townsley's.
The Townsley's.
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If your world revolves around your family, we want to know.

So we’ve put together a few questions to give us a sneaky peek into your lives. This week we hear from Christian Townsley, co-director at North Bar Ltd in Leeds, which has six bars around the city.

Tell us about you

Helen and I are blissfully married but it’s difficult maintaining a good work-life balance and giving my wife Helen proper support whilst running a business, however being the (co!) boss does offer some flexibility. Helen is a coordinator on the apprenticeship scheme at Craven College and she’s eight months pregnant with baby number three.

What are your top tips for getting children to do what you ask?

Make them feel important and involved and offer plenty of constructive praise, verbalising what they’re doing well while they’re doing it, usually results in them wanting to continue: “You’re putting your own shoes on, well done you!”.

What family task takes you the longest?

Getting dressed and out of the house, and getting ready for bed are two tasks that seem to take an eternity.

Most bizarre thing you have found yourself saying since having kids?

“Stop showing me your bum hole.”

What really gets your goat?

Getting child seats in and out of cars is the bane of my life! And the joyless people who scowl at kids being kids.  

Favourite family day out?

Any day when the kids don’t have a melt down! We can have the most exciting day of adventure planned and they’ll ruin it by being a pair of twerps, other times we might do really average stuff and they’re amazing. We did have a really lovely day sledging up the dales last week, followed by a delicious lunch at Kilnsey Trout Farm.

Hardest thing about being a parent?

Constant negotiation with a three and a five year old.

Typical evening once the children are in bed?

Generally, by the time we’ve got them to bed, tidied up, had tea, we have about an hour and a half together and are too knackered to do much other than watch a bit of TV.

Top penny-pinching tip?

Don’t buy loads of unnecessary stuff. Buy second hand. Borrow. Accept hand me downs.

What one item can you not live without?

Calpol, oh and kitchen roll.

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