Video and Yorkshire Day quiz: How well do you know God’s Own Country?

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Today is Yorkshire Day and we have a quiz to test your knowledge of God’s Own Country. We also went out on the streets to ask readers to test their knowledge.


A single white rose at Temple Newsam Rose garden, Leeds

A single white rose at Temple Newsam Rose garden, Leeds

1. Who are the Yorkshire cricketers who played in the first test against New Zealand?

2. A plaque to the man who is credited with the invention of Stainless Steel was unveiled recently in Sheffield, to whom was it dedicated?

3. Who retired as England’s most successful Test captain with 26 wins?

4. Who was the civil engineer that designed the bridge that “helped win the war” according to F.M. Montgomery?

5. Who are the two living Yorkshire born actors who have been rewarded with Knighthoods?

6. Who is the artist who sang the theme tune for the TV series “The Protectors” and had two top twenty singles in 1971 one of which when re-released in 2005 became Number one in the UK charts?

7. Who was the physicist, born in 1897, who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for splitting the atom?

8. Who is the Yorkshire born meteorologist immortalised in song by the group “A Tribe of Toffs”?

9. Who is the Bradford girl who had a hit single with “Sleeping Satellite”?

10. Who, born in Bingley, is best known for his portrayal of Bob Ferris?


1. What type of Yorkshire sword Dance, dating from the 15th Century, was performed at the International Sword Spectacular last held in York in May 2008 where 14 teams performed?

2. Inaugurated in 2008, what day is celebrated on the first Sunday in February, a truly Yorkshire experience?

3. What tradition or celebration is being revived in Micklefield? The spectacle last seen in 1947.

4. What is the approximate worth of the tourism industry each year in Yorkshire, £3 million, £150 million, £2 billion or £7 billion?

5. What is largest retail and leisure complex in Europe?

6. What is the longest, highest and deepest canal tunnel in the country at 3½ miles long?

7. What took 252 years to build and contains 128 stained glass windows?

8. What approximate height is the highest point on the East coast found at Boulby, near Staithes?

9. What is the length in feet of the Humber Bridge, is it 5,820, 6,802, 7,280 or 8,028?

10. What is the name given to the upper reaches of the River Wharfe above Buckden?


1. Which four Yorkshire football teams won promotion within the football league at the end of last season?

2. Which peaks form the three for the Yorkshire Three Peaks race?

3. Which two places are recognised as the start and finish of the Lyke Wake Walk?

4. Which railway line was once known as the “Blackberry Line”

5. Which International sporting event will start in Yorkshire next year?

6. Which sporting event organised by two Yorkshire champions will take place at Studley Royal and Fountains Abbey next month?

7. Which football club has 
as its home Sandygates Road, the oldest ground 
in the world and also 
the first ground to hold an inter-club match?

8. Which place is home to the UK’s first Angry Birds Activity Park?

9. Which are the two places in Yorkshire that are UNESCO World Heritage sites?

10. Which Yorkshire visitor attraction opened in 1630, making it the oldest registered visitor attraction in Britain?

Cryptic clues

1. Slight damage to the bodywork of a car.

2. Busy insect following a sewing aid.

3. Sounds like the male duck is not ill.

4. Hair dressing device.

5. You are in this place behind the line on a snooker table.

6. Sounds like a stream running together through the sand at the edge of the sea.

7. Gets ready for deep frying the busy insect.

8. The river crossing on the golf course is not empty.

9. Everyone hesitates before the weight.

10. Blemishes an area of land?

Towns and cities

1. In what year was the Roman Emperor Constantine declared Emperor in York?

2. Who built Bradford’s famous Alhambra 

3. The statues of which four worthy gentlemen stand proudly in Leeds City Square?

4. A scene from which 1996 film was filmed in Halifax’s Piece Hall?

5. Which well known poet was born in Hull on September 20, 1902?

6. Which Yorkshire town 
is referred to as “Berneslai” in The Domesday Book?

7. Rotherham’s original royal market charter was granted by which monarch in 1207?

8. The English actor James Mason was born in 
which West Yorkshire town?

9. Britain’s first cliff lift was built where in 1875?

10. Danum was the 
Roman name for which town?


Who: 1. Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow; 2. Harry Brearley; 3. Michael Vaughan; 4. David Bailey; 5. Sir Ben Kingsley and Sir Patrick Stewart; 6. Tony Christie; 7. Sir John Cockroft; 8. John Kettley; 9. Tasmin Archer; 10. Rodney Bewes.

What: 1. The Yorkshire Longsword Dance; 2. Yorkshire Pudding Day; 3. The “Josh Wedding”; 4. £7 billion; 5. Meadowhall; 6. Standedge tunnel; 7. York Minster; 8. Over 200 metres; 9. 7,280; 10. Langstrothdale Chase.

Which: 1. Bradford City, Doncaster Rovers, Hull City and Rotherham; 2. Pen-Y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough; 3. Osmotherley and Ravenscar; 4. Derwent valley line running from Layerthorpe to Cliffe Common. It was privately run but allowed access to York and Selby; 5. The Tour de France; 6. Triathlon organised by the Brownlee brothers; 7. Hallam F.C. in Sheffield; 8. Lightwater Valley Theme Park; 9. Studley Royal near Ripon and Saltaire village; 10. Mother Shipton’s Cave.

Cryptic clues: 1. Dent; 2. Thimbleby; 3. Wheldrake; 4. Acomb; 5. Balk; 6. Beckwithshaw; 7. Battersby; 8. Fulford; 9. Allerton; 10. Stainsacre.

Towns and Cities: 1. 306AD; 2. Francis Laidler; 3. John Harrison, Dr Hook, Joseph Priestley and James Watt; 4. Brassed Off; 5. Stevie Smith; 6. Barnsley; 7. King John; 8. Huddersfield; 9. Scarborough; 10. Doncaster.

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