Tuesday Quick Interview - Jonathan Morgan

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He grew up in Switzerland and went to school in Germany before settling in Leeds. The 52-year-old is managing director of Morgans City Living Leeds and is married to wife, Rachel and has two daughters

What’s your earliest memory?

I have two. One is running and jumping into the arms of my Dad when I was two years old - except it wasn’t my Dad - awkward. My second is riding out in the Welsh valleys with my Grandfather to watch the local hunt when I was three-years-old. It was very exciting at the time but very wrong now.

If you could pass a new law, what would it be and why?

Stop making new laws. We make too many already. It intrigues me we live by the rule of Brussels, almost everyone seems to resent it and yet it never changes. If there were a ‘Common Sense’ party, I suspect it would do very well at the polls.

What would be your X Factor audition song?

I can’t think of anything worse than auditioning on TV in front of a panel of competing egos. If I had to do, I would throw in the old sob story, keep the song simple, Hey Jude and a quick thanks and then leave stage left, hoping I didn’t make it into the next round.

What would you like to consign to room 101?

The House of Commons. Politics has become so fickle and self-interested and personal profile and positioning is now far more relevant than substance and selflessness. If ever the world needed true leadership, the time is now, but it seems unlikely that this will come from the UK.

What’s your biggest vice?

Red wine.

When were you happiest?

Living in Switzerland as a boy. Mountains, lakes, skiing and seemingly no worries in the world, even though I was catapulted into a German speaking school when I didn’t speak German. I seemed to cope alright though and it didn’t do me any harm in the long term. Das ist gut.

What would your super power be and why?

Apparently there are over 100 super-powers including ‘Atomic Manipulation’ and ‘Concussive Blast’. I’d probably go for X-ray vision, although you could easily get more than you bargained for with it. It’s probably best just to be a regular human.

What would you most like to achieve in life and why?

I’d like to be remembered as a good husband and father, as someone who tried to make things happen and who might just have made a little bit of a difference. Reaching the end of the line having just been successful in business can’t be enough which is why I am involved in The Leeds Community Foundation.

Its goal is to create a healthier, happier Leeds where hardship and inequality are a thing of the past and where grass root projects can blossom.

I am a founding member of its 100 club, which is a special patronage scheme for anyone who wants to make a difference in Leeds.