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If youR world revolves around your family, we want to know. This week we hear from Nattylyn Jeffers, who is a single parent to her ten-year-old son Zion Webber in Chapeltown, Leeds. Nattylyn is a complementary
 massage therapist and contemporary artist and singer songwriter.

Top tips for getting children to do what you ask?

Make clear and concise boundaries with positive reinforcements, having a Masters of Arts in Youth and Community Development I should be an expert. Sometimes parenting is a challenge but its vital to empower your children and lead by example.

What family task takes you the longest?

Getting out of the house. Any parent knows no matter how you plan, an unexpected event will occur just as your about to walk out the door.

What’s the weirdest thing your child has done?

Zion hasn’t done anything weird but as a former elite gymnast for the City of Leeds, our house is ideally suited for his acrobatic nature. Our home is full of swing bars and old cable reels for him to practice and bounce off.

Has your child ever really surprised you?

My son surprises me all the time with his confidence and ability to overcome adversity. He’s mature for his age and is very spiritual. He likes his crystals and as a club scout he loves nature. He’s also proud to wear his dreadlocks like Bob Marley.

What’s the most bizarre thing you have found yourself saying since having kids?

I’ve now realised you have to have time and love and I think we should reap the rewards we sow. It’s bizarre that I look at my child and think about how I was when I was his age, as I spent time in care. 
He loves to hear me talk 
about my Tracey Beaker childhood.

What’s the funniest thing your child has ever said/done?

Zion is always funny, a mini philosopher so I can’t pin point any one thing. He makes people smile and like a lion cub or monkey he loves to make people smile.

Mini moan - what really gets your goat?

His bedroom. Oh my days, you would think the volcano from my island St Vincent 
and The Grenadines had erupted.

What’s your favourite family day out?

Glastonbury. We’ve been four times. The first time was when Zion was two. He’s got to meet the VIP celebrities Paloma Faith and the Black Eyed Peas.