Sporty life for the Taylors

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The Taylors of Roundhay are a sporty family. Mum Julie, 45, works as a Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse at Leeds General Infirmary and been married to C&C Fabrications office manager Christopher, 43, for 15 years after ten years together. The couple have two boys - Joseph 12 and Ewan 10.

What hobbies do you enjoy doing as a family and separately?

As a family we are keen cyclists and enjoy going on bike rides to places such as Dalby Forrest. The boys are keen sportsmen. Ewan plays football for Colton Celtics and he loves playing table tennis. Joseph Plays rugby for North Leeds Leopards and is learning to play the bass guitar. As parents we don’t get much free time but when we do I enjoy running and Christopher tries to fit in more cycling and he also helps coach Colton Celtics under 11’s junior football team.

What’s a typical evening for grown- ups once the children are in bed?

Most evenings through the week are taken up with the boys sports activities. So once they are in bed it’s great to relax with a drink, watch some TV and catch up with each others day.

Top tips for getting your children to do what you ask.

Bribery! If they don’t do what we ask then they don’t go to football or rugby. Works every time!

What is Leeds’ most friendly restaurant?

We enjoy eating out together at many places in Roundhay/Oakwood. Our favourite place is Rico’s in Oakwood…fab food and fab staff that always friendly and chat with the boys.

What’s the children’s favourite food/meal?

That’s easy! Joseph loves his bacon sandwiches and Ewan loves his sausage and mash.

Mini moan- what really gets your goat?

Untidyness! Having to follow the boys around picking up clothes, cups, putting things away, closing doors….the list goes on.

What can your children not live without?

For Joseph now that he is at high school it has to be his phone. Ewan can’t live without his football.

What’s the number thing you would change about Leeds?

To make sure that Leeds United are in the premiership and never relegated! One can only dream.

What family task takes you the longest?

Getting the boys to get ready when we need to go out. They seem to take forever getting dressed, getting easily distracted and we are always late! Also doesn’t help when I often change my outfit a couple of times!

What one thing can you not live without?

Sky sports for Christopher. Unfortunately with three males in the house I am outnumbered and this channel is always on. For me it’s hard to think of one as they are so many things but it has to be my mascara.