Six of the best bits for 2015

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We may be four months into the year but 2015 still has a lot to offer and most of it seems to be straight out of a science fiction novel. This week we look at things to look forward to this year.


It’s Lord of the Rings just with a lot more gore. Oh, and sex. Fans of fantasy TV show thought they’d give this book-to-screen adap a quick butcher’s hook back in 2011, probably expecting a cross between Willow and The Dark Crystal (yes, the one starring Tom Cruise) but there was no Mad Madmartigan about it and what’s more it made the aforementioned Tolkien tome look like an episode of The Famous Five. Season Five kicks off in the UK on Monday April 11 on Sky Atlantic. Expect blood, breasts (male and female) and, err... probably more blood. And dragons. And more breasts. And then more blood.


This year may well go down in history as the year of the reboot because it’s not only the biggest film franchise in cinematic history which is being given a makeover, although that is big news enough.

Perhaps the best thing about the forthcoming Star Wars Episode VII film is that original creator George Lucas appears to have had minimal input, which means there’ll be no Jar Jar Binks sillyness and no daft accents from the likes of Ewan McGregor. Aside from Star Wars, there are also new outings for Terminator, Jurassic Park and Mad Max.


Yes, it’s true, our best chance yet of understanding what we’re all doing here on this rock is back up and running and according to boffins is twice as powerful.

While there’s always the chance those inquisitive underground scientists could accidentally blow us all up in some unexpected atomic collision or even create a black hole, it may yet be of some use. Recently comedian Frankie Boyle said he hoped they succeed in their quest, at which point he hoped the world would just dissolve and a huge sign appear which read ‘Level 2’.


Hologram phones might not be a bad thing, even for technophobes, because they would end overnight the phenomenon known as ‘text walking’, which is where otherwise perfectly normal members of society set off somewhere with the express intention of trying to walk into as many lampposts and people as they can without actually acknowledging they are doing anything wrong.

A company in the US - ostendo - is rumoured to be developing holograms for smartphones. Let’s hope Star Trek-style onesies don’t come as part of the package.


Can the rumours be true that the world has finally invented a battery which doesn’t take two hours to charge and just as long to use up?

Well, it seems so. Scientists (yes, them again - they’re everywhere these days) claim their new aluminium battery can be charged in less than a minute and will last hours. Finally, the day has come when we can spend all day with out beloved mobile phones! Hurrah.

Expect the technology to migrate into everything from electric cars to children’s toys.


Is there life on other planets? Well, there may well be later this year because NASA, the US space agency, is rumoured to be thinking about taking it there.

Following a carefully plotted sci-fi blueprint, the US space agency is rumoured to be planning to send a mini-greenhouse all the way to the Red Planet, while another group of entrepreneurs are battling to be the first to get one on our very own moon.

The latter is part of a $30m google-inspired competition - lunar.xprize - to find cheaper ways of opening up space travel by landing a robot on the moon.