Quick Interview: Dawn Ward

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The Real Housewives Of Cheshire is back with even more glitz, glamour and arguments. Alex Santema talks to star Dawn Ward, who has four daughters with former professional footballer Ashley

Are you still queen bee or are you knocked you off your throne this series?

I don’t get knocked off my throne, I think we’re all on the throne. But I’ve been a little bit more vocal this time, if anything. If someone wants to row with me, I will fight my corner! I’m just letting people know that I’m not intimidated by them.

Are there going to be even more arguments?

Yes, there are a few more to come. Basically, stuff went on that you didn’t get to see in the first series, and in series two, I choose to bring it out. The dynamics and the friendships have changed as well. I’m particularly close to Leanne [Brown] and I’m close to Tanya [Bardsley] now. And I’m also really good mates with the little Lauren [Simon.]

Do scenes ever have to be repeated if there’s a technical glitch?

No, not really. You might repeat something if you’re doing a walk-in into a scene and they want to get a different angle on the camera. But when it comes to, like, emotional scenes, they don’t do that because that couldn’t really be repeated. Unfortunately, we’re not actresses.

So the emotion and the catfights are real?

It really is, honestly. If anything, it has been toned down a lot. What you’re going to see with series two is more glamour. Cheshire looks great in summer. We’ve all stepped it up a gear. But you’re going to see six girls who are used to filming now and are willing to open up a little bit more. I think it’s a lot better.

You’re known for your lavish lifestyle - any extravagant purchases recently?

Not really, nothing serious. In one of the scenes, I celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary, so my husband does a really nice surprise for me. It is not [extravagant] monetary-wise, but it is something that meant a lot. He has given me a little gift and that was really nice.

How’s your daughter’s band Alula going?

They had lots of ups and downs, they’ve changed one of the band members now. They sang in front of 5,000 in one of the scenes. They’re now flying. It’s unbelievable. So, so proud, honestly. But I would honestly say to any of my children, I would always like them to choose the career path they would want. Whatever it is, I will support them 100 per cent.

Are your children taking after you?

Yeah, well hopefully better than me. You want your children to do better than yourself. I wouldn’t consider myself a bit of a pushy mum - I would consider myself a very pushy mum. Obviously, I want my kids to do well in life, as any mum does.

Real Housewives Of Cheshire returned to screens yesterday.