Yorkshire nostalgia: Girl drives car dad bought her when she was just three

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Dateline: July 1997: Lavinia Gorse-Flint, 18, from Wakefield, at Thornes Park Historic Vehicles Rally, Wakefield, on July 18, in her 1959 BMW Isetta bubble car, which her dad bought her when she was six and restored it ready for her to drive on her 17th birthday.

It was just one of hundreds of classic cars and other commercial vehicles which trundled through the centre of Wakefield. Streets around the city were closed from 8am on the day to allow a grand procession of cars past the Cathedral Precinct.

The annual rally was being extended to two days for the first time. More than 250 cars took part, including tractors, steamrollers, buses, vans, lorries and cars. If you recognise yourself or anyone else in our nostalgia column, get in touch.