Yorkshire nostalgia: ‘Devil God’ car gets the push... off a cliff

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This week’s film, courtesy of Yorkshire Film Archive and avilable from their website - www.yorkshirefilmarchive.com - documents the recording of a scene from Alan Sidi’s film, ‘The Devil God’.

Alan Sidi, a member of the Leeds cine group called Mercury Movie Makers, produced this film with funding from the Yorkshire Arts Association. This funding enabled him to create a spectacular pyrotechnic display with expert assistance from specialist effects company ‘Action Incorporated’, and this film is a voice over lead documentary chronicling the production process of the explosive stunt.

The opening shot shows a grand modern house; parked in the driveway there is the Mercedes and Triumph used in Alan Sidi’s fictional film the ‘The Devil God’. A voice over describes the significance of the day, alluding to the Triumph’s spectacular fate. Men push the white triumph towards Hawksford quarry. A group congregate and the filmmaker captures shots of the steep drop, and a panoramic view.

Following this, dummies are assembled, placed in the car, and a man wearing an ‘Action Inc.’ jacket watches men hack away at a piece of the rock face.