The carnival parade from 1924

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This week’s featured film clip, available to view in full on the Yorkshire Film Archive website, is a short film of a boisterous carnival in Hebden Bridge in 1924 and provides a good example of the types of carnivals that were common during the 1920s. The film documents some of the celebrations of the day.

It opens with a group dressed in hats and coats. Some of the women lark about with balloons, party blowers, ticklers and streamers. A narrow street in the town is decorated with bunting which stretches across from one building top to another. There are also Union Jack flags on display.

Crowds line both sides of the street. A group of men walk down the street, and a poster on the wall of the White Swan Hotel advertises a ‘Carnival Ball’ at Victoria Hall.

The parade slowly makes its way along the high street, led by a man riding a horse and a brass band. In the background are a couple of schoolboys with scooters. Following the elephant is a horse-drawn float. Riding on the float are two small boys – one dressed as a soldier and the other as a sailor – a cuddly lion, and a woman dressed as Britannia who is seated in front of a Union Jack.