Terror in Tel Aviv in 1947

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Jewish terrorists killed six British policemen by blowing up their billet in Palestine, it was reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post on this day seventy years ago.

The attack took place at Sanora, Tel Aviv - the entire police billet near Citrus House was blown up.

The explosion came after a morning of great tension, during which is was feared three British soldiers had been killed in Zion Square - this later turned out to be a hoax.

However, one other incident turned out to be true - terrorists from the Irgun Zvai Leumi entered the Park Hotel, Tel Aviv and asked the manager “are there any British here?” They then kidnapped a man called Morris Collins and held him until he told them he was a British Jew.

It would be another year before the nation state of Israel was created, that taking place on May 14, 1948. A White Paper published in 1939 indicated that the British planned to create an independent Palestine within 10 years.

In other news, the Foreign Secretary of the day, Ernest Bevin sand a duet with the Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Vyshinsky, following the departure from Moscow of a British delegation. The pair linked arms as Mr Vyshinsky began to sing in Russian: “For your friends are my friends”, which prompted Mr Bevin to join in with: “The more we are together, the merrier we’ll be.”

Before he left Moscow, Mr Bevin said: “We have been here all these weeks trying to unravel the difficulties caused by the war which was forced on us by the Nazis... We each put our country’s point of view with great sincerity and the desire to find the right solution... I find nothing but good will between the people of the Soviet Union and the people of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.”

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