Slideshow nostalgia: Leeds afloat

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Messing about in boats has always been fun but things looked a little overcrowded in 1993 when the canal boat “Enterprise” took to the Aire-Calder canal with a group on board from the Groundwork Trust.

There was far less room for manoeuvre on the deck of HMS Sprat in 1957 when the midget submarine made its way up the Leeds-Goole canal on a goodwill mission and the ladies of the Leeds Varsity rowing club made every stroke count on the Aire in 1949.



The mirror like waters of the canal at Rodley provided a perfect reflection in this scene from 1968 but back in the dark days of 1941 the canal could not be named when the wartime censor applied the official stamp to the print of this view of a barge as it cruised through an unnamed waterway.