On this day: The news making the #YEPleeds front page

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The headlines that made the front page of the Yorkshire Evening Post on April 7, 2001.

Main story. A Leeds man has spent the last three years and six months of his life as a prisoner in his own home. He has not stepped through the front door since the autumn of 1997 when he was diagnosed with an infectious strain of tuberculosis with no known cure. Health chiefs desperate to isolate his illness have ensured he remains out of contact with other members of the public. His treatment has cost more than £70,000 and his wages have been paid since he was hit by the disease. The unnamed man contracted the untreatable strain of the infectious lung disease in the autumn of 1997.

Sherburn in Elmet, 22nd May 1989''Bucker Jungmann biplane.''Lone pilot Tony Smith, who flew half way around the world in a 50 year old biplane, is not quite the man he was.''Tony, 43, of Hillam Hall, Hillam, near Castleford touched down 2 stones lighter after the 12,000 mile journey took him through some of the world's hot spots.

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