Nostalgia: Leeds traffic congestion

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The number of cars on the roads has grown enormously over the last fifty years but back in the sixties and seventies the streets of Leeds were at times very throng.

The Headrow was packed with Granadas, Cortinas, Maxis and Escorts in 1974 (1&2) and a few years earlier in 1966 the out of town networks were brought to a standstill with traffic backed up to Collingham on the A1 (3).

Heavy traffic, congestion and the knock on effects were well captured by our photographers (4&5) but was it really as bad then as it is now?

Have more reliable cars and improved safety measures made the life of the driver easier or has the huge growth in people on the road put our cities well on the way towards total gridlock?

Leeds, Moortown, 12th April 1984''Comic actor Roy Kinnear turned to "The Twits" when he visited Allerton Grange Middle School, Moortown, Leeds.''The television and stage star, who is appearing this week at the Grand Theatre, Leeds, took tim eoff for a spot of story telling in the school hall and is pictured here with some of the second year pupils.

Leeds nostalgia: Roy Kinnear came to Leeds in April 1984 but why...?