Nostalgia: Blaze drama hits ‘sedate’ Harrogate

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Harrogate. North of Leeds and famous for the Royal Court Baths, a venue that these patrons were enjoying in the high summer sunlight of June 1946.

In 1924 one of the town’s best known buildings, the Majestic Hotel caught fire and the spectacle was captured by our cameraman.

JUNE 1946:  Fountain Court Royal Baths

JUNE 1946: Fountain Court Royal Baths


In 1953 the town which was described by The Yorkshire Post as “sedate” was decked out in trimmings for the Coronation of our present Queen.

Twenty four years later in 1977 more trimmings and this time a concrete crown, were put up to celebrate her silver Jubilee and the accompanying flowers were put in place by Jack Harding and Alan Clark.

In this fascinating photograph taken during the First World War horse drawn carriages lined up in Station Square before the age of modern taxis. This is a quiet view of a town whose young men would have been largely absent.

Many would not return.