Leeds property news: agency responds to demand for Yorkshire ‘boltholes’

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Increased demand from buyers outside and inside the area has prompted two well-known estate agents to launch a new property buying agency.

Specialising in finding outstanding homes, country and sporting estates, as well as farms and land, Toby Milbank and Tom Robinson are also cultivating investment and development opportunities across the north of England. Working on behalf of retained clients, The Search Partnership sources off-market opportunities, proactively targeting properties in specific locations.

Toby says: “We have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area and an unrivalled network of contacts, so Tom and I are ideally suited to running a buying agency. Although buying agencies are popular in London, with more than 200 in Kensington and Chelsea alone, this is the first time two agents have come together to form one in Yorkshire.

“Many agents provide a rental search service for businesses whose employees are relocating to the area, but while that is one of our offerings, the mainstay of our business is working for private clients who are relocating within Yorkshire, moving from outside the region and anywhere else in the world. We work for those who are unable to find their dream home, often after months or even years of fruitless searching.”

Last year, Yorkshire attracted attention when it hosted the 101st Tour de France and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors predicts that house prices will rise five per cent this year.

Toby says: “The number of detached houses sold between January 2013 and August 2014 doubled and last summer’s Tour de France has, without doubt, helped the region gain global recognition.

“Despite a slowdown in the market towards the end of last year, buyers from all over the world are now very much aware of Yorkshire with many of them keen to buy their own piece of this beautiful county.

“For sellers that are realistic about their asking prices, there are plenty of buyers looking for homes priced above £1m.

“We have found there are many buyers from London and the south of England looking for a huge range of property, from weekend boltholes through to large country estates, and that will no doubt continue to appreciate over time.

“Work, retirement or a lifestyle change are the key reasons people want to move to Yorkshire, and there are also plenty of people who grew up here who have forged a career in London and bought and sold property there but want to return here to raise their family. Many of these sell their London home and buy a family property in Yorkshire as well as a smaller flat in the capital where they live during the week.”

The Search Partnership estimates that half of people looking for a home costing in excess of £750,000 are from outside the region. Visit the Search Partnership, at www.thesearchpartnership.co.uk or tel: 01423 324716.