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  • Ever wondered how Fullerton Park in Leeds got its name?
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Several readers were quick to point out an error in last week’s Times Past, which we are happy to correct.

It wasn’t Boar Lane. Boar Lane is very flat and the picture clearly shows a slope. It’s where the Old Chest Clinic building is now. The picture is opposite there.

David Martin, via email

I was reading the Times Past article in the Saturday YEP (March 5) and was a little puzzled by the picture of Boar Lane, from the 1950s.

I worked in Boar Lane in the early 1960s and can’t remember any buildings looking like those in the picture. Also, this picture shows a road that appears to be on an incline, judging by the shop fronts, and Boar Lane was, and still is, level.

The only buildings like these that I remember were somewhere near New Briggate, where the incline would match.

The sign in Judsons window says ‘Demolition Sale’, so I was wondering if these lovely buildings were demolished before I worked in Boar Lane. This link shows a photo from 1955 looking up New Briggate towards buildings like those in the YEP picture.

Steve Coulter, via email

Way back in 1927, one of our local newspapers (possibly the YEP) ran a competition for readers to submit names for a new greyhound stadium to be built on land adjoining the Leeds United soccer ground. The prize for the winner was, appropriately, the ownership of two greyhounds.

My later father, John O’Donnell, won the competition and his successful entry included the name of a famous greyhound of that era, which won many races.

To this day the name Fullerton Park ios still used and remains a testament to the legendary greyhound Fullerton.

V O’Donnell, Leeds