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Old Wesleyan School, later HQ of 4th Leeds Boys Brigade, then first premises of Hunslet Boys Club.
Old Wesleyan School, later HQ of 4th Leeds Boys Brigade, then first premises of Hunslet Boys Club.
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A selection of your letters to Times Past...

Times Past would like to point out that, in an article printed on November 21, the essence of the main article was misleading. The matter is hereby clarified by the author of that piece, Mike Harwood, historian.

‘The headline to the piece ‘Working class drudgery and the rise of the ale house’ was a bit misleading. Rather than replacing them, the ale house was eventually replaced by the public house and for a time in the nineteenth century by the beer house. And whilst of course all have been significant in the lives of working class people, I was never suggesting that they somehow “define the working class”.’

Mike Harwood, Kirkstall

Following the research WLHG carried out on the Wellington Road/New Wortley area of Leeds, for Heritage open Day last September, we are now researching The Bisset Mission which was on Renton Terrace.

We can find no photographs of the building and little information apart from its having been started in a building formerly occupied by a Wesleyan Chapel, by Mr Bissett, a coal merchant.

We would welcome any information that readers might have. We are also looking for information about Betty Arton, nee Ingelson who was born in Clapham Terrace, New Wortley in 1910.

In her twenties she qualified as a nurse in Preston and died prematurely in 1965, in the Congo, where she and her husband, John, were working as missionaries. Betty and John had a daughter Heather who died with her parents in 1965, aged 17.

It has been suggested that there is a memorial to the family in Armley/Wortley Cemetery.

I wonder if any readers know whether or not this is true; or know which church Betty, (also known as Eliza) attended whilst she lived in Wortley.

Val Smith, valilkley@hotmail.com, 01943 839661 ll

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