Leeds nostalgia: Yorkshire water best for making suits, according to archive film

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This week’s film clip, courtesy of Yorkshire Film Archive, was made in order to show the manufacturing of a suit from the very start until the satisfied customer takes it home with him at the end of the journey. These suits are made in a combination of hand stitching and mass production, but made to order and specifically fit each individual customer.

The film opens with a man sitting on a table hand stitching some clothing. There are men called cutters working in a part of a factory cutting the properly measured cloth for the suits, and there are also women seated at sewing machines working away.

The Burton suit begins with very specific material, wool from Australian sheep. The cowboys herd the sheep into a pen, and later the sheep are sheered as the wool is gathered. The wool is then mixed with synthetic fibres for a special blend of high quality cloth. A point is made that Yorkshire water is ideal for washing. The rest of the production process is documented in the film including trimming for lining, hand stitching, shoulder pads, pocket openings, and different types of steam presses. See the film here: tinyurl.com/p3rvwx8

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