Leeds nostalgia: Yorkshire’s ‘curiosities’ shown in 1959 film

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No, it’s not a selection event for the SAS, it is just some of the strange and wonderful behaviour which used to go on (and probably still does in some quarters) in Yorkshire.

This film, entitled Yorkshire Curiosities’ was made by Jack Eley in 1959. It takes a look at Yorkshrie, England’s biggest county and explains ‘the Ridings’ (which it’s worth pointing out have never been officially abolished) and shows various examples of the county’s ‘curiosities’, from the Devil’s Daggers at Boroughbridge to people playing Quoits on Ilkley Moor.

The soundtrack features an audio commentary against a musical background of a brass band playing various tunes, starting and ending with ‘On Ilkley Moor bar t’at’.

The commentary points out that the name ‘Riding’ comes from the Norse meaning ‘a third’, and that York, right in the middle, constitutes a county on its own. The film then closes in on York on a different map with historical figures.

In York a policeman can be seen directing traffic outside the famous Micklegate Bar. The film also shows Upleatham, North Yorks, home of the smallest church in England. See more here: tinyurl.com/pwuvyxz