Leeds nostalgia: Yorkshire Post found on Hitler’s ‘hit list’

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As the hunt for proof of Hitler’s death continued, with President Eisenhower admitting there was ‘nothing conclusive’, an interesting file was discovered at Gestapo headquarters in Germany, in which was mentioned the Yorkshire Post.

The fragment was a list of 35 newspapers spanning the country and ordered alphabetically, with the Yorkshire Post in the final slot. Each paper has letters after its name, along with some words in German.

Investigators believed the newspapers were those on the German’s ‘hit list’ of papers to be shut down, the letters possibly referring to other files.

Meanwhile, President Eisenhower reacted angrily to a Dutch newspaper report which apparently quoted him saying that Hitler might still be alive.

He clarified his position thus: “There is every assumption that Hitler is dead but not a bit of conclusive proof that he is dead.”

He added that the Russians were still investigating.

Back at home, people were looking forward to the prospect of “a whiter loaf”.

Bakers across England were hopeful that plans to bring in more wheat from Canada would result in better loaves of bread all round.

One baker explained: “English wheat has been harvested in excellent condition but there is less acreage of it to draw upon. The result is that, in the miller’s grist, English wheat has been reduced from 40 to 30 per cent, the balance being substituted by Canadian wheat. This means stronger flour.

“The baker welcomes the change because he should get slightly more bread out of a sack for his flour. At the same time, the bread itself should turn out to be of better quality.”