Leeds nostalgia: Yorkshire Film Archive teams up with YEP to open up ‘treasure chest’ of film clips

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Yorkshire Film Archive is the custodian of a cache of thousands of hours of old film footage, much of which has been donated by members of the public - it often covers aspects of everyday life. Taken for granted at the time, the films offer a rare glimpse into how life was and ways of living which are all too soon forgotten by the tide of time.

This film is from the West Yorkshire Archive Service collection and was made by Jewish tailor and amateur filmmaker, Alec Baron. It contains footage of the numerous activities carried out by children at the Judean Club in Leeds. There are shots of women paying music, young men learning how to box, fitness classes and sewing lessons.

Alec’s family were Russian Jews who escaped the troubles and set up a tailoring business in Leeds.

There is a shot of their teacher giving orders and then shots of the students bending over to the side and touching their toes; there are also shots of them doing gentle neck stretches.

Compiled in association with Yorkshire Film Archive. To view the full clip, navigate to www.www.yorkshirefilmarchive.com and search under ‘Leeds’.