Leeds nostalgia: Yorkshire archers take aim in 1961

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In 1961, the regional archery championships took place on the railway grounds near York. This film shows the competitors in action and trophies being awarded at the end of the championship.

The film opens on a green where a man looks through some small binoculars. He is followed by another man looking through a telescope at an archery target set up for the competition.

Some archers fire arrows at the target, and bows can be seen resting on stands. A long line of archers fire their shot, and there is a close-up of the target full of arrows.

A man blows a whistle signalling the contestants to walk to the targets, and the scores are recorded.

here are more close-ups of equipment as well as bottles of beer including Double Diamond.

After the scores are recorded, a completion for the women follows the men’s set. A table is covered with cups and medals, including a wooden spoon arrow. Any additional scores are recorded, and the men dismantle the targets and pack away their bows. One of the men is wearing the badge of the Yorkshire Archers.

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