Leeds nostalgia: YEP history from 1970

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This film, courtesy of Yorkshire Film Archive, was made by Yorkshire Television as a promotion on behalf of the Yorkshire Post.

As the paper marks its 125th year, it is even more striking just how much the newspaper industry has changed.

The commentary gives a history of the newspaper, and an outline of the various editions and coverage of the newspaper group. It also shows in detail the move into new premises in 1970 and the new machinery and processes that were introduced at that time.

The film begins with two men walking to a small aircraft about to take off, one carrying cameras.

In another section of film, a light airplane flies over Yorkshire, filming the countryside and cityscapes. The film then switches to the Yorkshire Post Literary Luncheon, with a guest speaker. A commentary outlines the history of the newspaper.

The paper was started out as the Leeds Intelligencer by Rupert Wright, from a small shop in Briggate - showing the front page of the 1st edition from 2nd July 1754. In 1866 Yorkshire Conservative Newspaper Co was formed, becoming the Yorkshire Post and going daily

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