Leeds nostalgia: Wright brothers in the right place...

Police twins Jack(left) and Jim Wright
Police twins Jack(left) and Jim Wright
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You could say twins Jack and Jim Wright were special… well, they were ‘specials’ with West Yorkshire Police.

Both 57, Jack, who was 30 minutes older than his brother, enlisted in 1969. Jim, meanwhile, signed up in 1991 and thought he wouldn’t get in because of his age but he was accepted.

This month in 1998, the pair featured as part of a campaign by West Yorkshire Police to recruit more specials. Jack, who joined the specials because at 5ft 6 he was considered too short for the regular police, said: “We both love to meet people and you get so much satisfaction out of the job. He had been in the job so long, however, his rank was considered equivalent to a regular superintendent.

Jim was also mad keen on the job, opting to stay beyond the usual 55-year-old retirement age.

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