Leeds nostalgia: Woman reporter from 1947... such a rarity in Leeds

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It’s always interesting to read reports from the backcopies of the old ‘Evening Post’, not least because they occasionally shed light on attitudes and so on without intending to, as does the lead picture story from the March 28, 1947, which was bylined:’Evening Post Woman Reporter’.

Presumably, in order for it to be so termed, such a position must have been an oddity and no doubt the appellation was meant as a complement and one of endearment rather than condescension.

The story tells how a Mr H Rogers, 72, of Fairfield Street, Bramley, was destined to miss his first Leeds United match in 45 years, until the good old ‘EP’ stepped in to save the day. He was left ticket-less after his postal order for the Elland Road Cup-tie semi-final was not filled.

The report relates to an act of kindness, which was prompted by a story in a previous edition of the paper.

It says: “He could not afford to pay the black market price, so he wrote to the editor to the ‘Evening Post’ to ask that the money he would have spent on a ticket be donated to the Work-people’s Hospital Fund.” It goes on: “Within hours, a ticket was lying on the Editor’s desk from a reader who asked that is be sent to the Old Age Pensioner, but that it should be an anonymous gift.”

In other news from this week in 1947: Two Leeds Corporation buses crashed into one another in head-on collision on York Road, near the Torre Road depot on March 31, causing one to overturn.

Thirty-one people were taken to hospital with injuries, including one man (Thomas Longbottom, of Lower Wortley Road, who cut his leg trying to pull victims free.

Some had to be pulled from free from the roof of the overturned vehicle.