Leeds nostalgia: Wheels of justice turn in Yorkshire

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This week’s film, courtesy of the Yorkshire Film Archive, was made by Leeds-based filmmaker Jack Eley. This is a light-hearted film about a thief whose robbery is foiled by the work on the Rural Constabulary. Harewood House is used as the setting for the film.

Entitled Justice on Wheels, the film opens with a shot of Harewood House. Inside a man is playing a violin. The man closes the violin case and walks outside where a car and his driver are waiting for him. He gets into the Mercedes 220 SE Automatic and drives away. The car drives down the driveway of the estate and exits the large gate. Nearby, there is a man leaning on a garden wall where he is reading a newspaper. The headlines of that particular Yorkshire Post include, “Govt punish 2 directors! Tory Protest.” After the man sees that the car has left the grounds of the estate, he hops over the stone wall and makes his way through the estate grounds, past the fountains and towards the house.

Eventually, he is brought to book by the local bobby on the beat. See the clip here: tinyurl.com/q45o95l

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See the clip here:

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