Leeds nostalgia: Wash house blues

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The local wash house was a humid bustling cauldron of noise chatter and steam and the place to go to before domestic washing machines became affordable to the average person.

It cost three shillings and sixpence for two hours at the establishment on Kirkstall Road and this was a world of soap suds, scrubbing brushes and elbow grease that Mrs Judith Elliott was clearly enjoying in 1970.

JUNE 1964: Leeds corporation public wash house on Kirkstall Road.

JUNE 1964: Leeds corporation public wash house on Kirkstall Road.

Before coin operated laundrettes gained a foothold old fashioned and long forgotten tools like the “posser” were wielded by Mrs Emily Smith and this mass cleansing on an industrial scale provided a great social opportunity as well as giving legs, arms and backs a good work out.

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