Leeds nostalgia: University of Leeds on film

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This week’s featured film, available to view on the Yorkshire Film Archive website, is called ‘Talk About Leeds’ and is a promotional film that explores both the campuses of the University of Leeds and the city, specifically to aid sixth formers make a decision about university.

The film opens with a shot of the Leeds city skyline.

This is followed by exteriors of many of the University buildings. Inside, four students are discussing the different subjects they are currently studying and how they came about that decision.

One of the students speaks about his engineering programme, something which he has wanted to study right from the start. One of the other students points out that many people change their minds and declare a different major after starting university.

He says Leeds is the type of place where students can do that as you can take a variety of courses to combine studies.

Another one of the students, studying law, points out that not all students go to university straight from school.

After discussing some of the good things about the University, the students talk about their arrival to Leeds, how it is a quite large school and city.