Leeds nostalgia: Two cars in tumble drama 70 years ago

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In the news this week 70 years ago, a father and son had a lucky escape after their car overturned following a smash at Woodside Road, at its junction with the Leeds Ring Road, Horsforth.

The 11-year-old boy emerged from the upside down car completely unscathed and said he did not even feel shaken by the incident.

Eric Myers of Langdale, Leeds Road, was with son Gerald was heading toward Butcher Hill when he collided with an oncoming car driven by Drank Wilson, who was in the car with his black Labrador dog. Both men received cuts to their faces and the dog, which it turned out had been run over less than a fortnight earlier, ran off.

Gerald told a Yorkshire Evening Post reporter: “We turned over and over and ended up upside down. It was a funny feeling by I wasn’t frightened. I don’t feel any worse for it either.”

Mr Wilson said: “I don’t know how many times I went over. When I finally stopped I thought for a moment I might be trapped. The door was jammed and somehow my jacket was caught in it. I think the door must have opened and closed as we span. I was afraid of fire because I could smell escaping petrol but I was able to force the door open without help and get out.”

In other news, Leeds City Council announced it would decide soon whether to approve the compulsory purchase of almost 300 acres of land needed to built municipal housing. The land was in Moorside, Bramley; Lower Wortley, Tinshill Lane, Cookridge, Iveson House, Cookridge, Intake Lane and Rodley Lane and also Swinnow Lane in Bramley. Moorside in Bramley consisted of 70 acres.

The land would provide for 2,500 homes.