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Here are a selection of letters to Times Past...

Once again an article in the YEP prompts me to write to you again. This is concerning my sister. Going back to the war years 1939-45 she volunteered to go into the WRNS. She was 10 years older than me. She did about eight months at Greenwich, London at the headquarters of the Royal Navy and was then posted to Bletchley Park for the rest of the war. She would never tell our parents what her job was. This article (YEP January 6) tells me what her job actually was after all these years.

Mr C Robinson, Winthorpe Crescent, Wakefield.

READING your article in May brought back some childhood memories back to me.

With reference to the story of Ellerby Lane School and the area, my late father worked at Ellerby Lane Foundry as a floor moulder making cast iron products. As a child I would go with him on a Saturday morning and play in the sand whilst he worked.

His name was John Donnison. I doubt there is anybody around who would remember him as it was over 50 years ago. He had a nickname of Spicey for taking sweets to work. There are two people I can recall: one was Leslie Driffield who I believe was a snooker billiards player. I think he was a boss. The other chap used to breed budgies and his nickname was Parrot Nose. He lived in the Crossgates area.

We lived in Lincoln Street up to 1963 and when they pulled the houses down we moved into the flats in the same area.

Just a bit of nostalgia.

RL Dent, Ings Mill Drive, Clayton West, Huddersfield

I REMEMBER Harry Bendon as he was on the clubs with my husband Leo Ross. I worked in Woolworths in 1958 and he came to my counter and wanted loads of Christmas paper etc. When I had bagged them all up he said he didn’t want them. Very funny.

Maureen Fardy, Seacroft Gate