Leeds nostalgia: Then and now - the time travelling towerblock

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Turn the clock back fifty years and this gateway to Leeds was just a work in progress, with the road only partially built and some residential houses still right in the heart of the city.

The original black and white image dates from 1965 and was taken from the top of the 180ft high Marlborough Towers, a 17 storey block of Corporation flats which was only built a year before.

BLEND: David Clay

BLEND: David Clay

It offers a panoramic view of the city, with the Town Hall in the background.

The picture shows the view from Westgate roundabout along the Headrow.

The more modern image, which was taken at night, dates from September 2012 and was deftly taken by Yorkshire Evening Post photographer James Hardisty.

The city has changed significantly in the last half century, not least in terms of the mode of transport used by people - note how quiet the roads appear to be in the 1965 picture and as a bus appears to be heading into the future in the blended picture (top).

Tardis Marlborough Towers

Tardis Marlborough Towers

The tower block was part of the renaissance of the city and it co-incided with the development of the inner ring road and the clearance of large sections of the city which up to that point had been dominated by slums. The ring road itself required the demolition of hundreds of houses and dozens of businesses, beginning in 1963.

It was one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in the city.

The tower block was at the time seen as a much more luxurious way of life for people who had previously been living in back-to-back housees.

Technical details: Camera Details: Nikon D3’s, Lens 28-70mm, Aperture F/11, Shutter speed 8ths, ISO 400, view taken from the top of Marlborough Towers, just off Park Lane, Leeds.