Leeds nostalgia: The twins, eight, celebrating their second birthday in 1948...

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Pictured 70 years ago this week are twins Anne and Elizabeth Moorhouse, who attended school in Roundhay.

They were daughters of Mr and Mrs R C Moorhouse, of Park Crescent. Curiously, they were celebrating their second birthday, having been born on February 29 some eight years earlier.

The story appeared in the YEP on February 1948.

They were the youngest of four generations living at their Roundhay home. Their grandmother was Mrs G White and their great grandmother was Mrs E McHale. If you know them or are related, please get in touch.

It is interesting to note also that reports in the Yorkshire Evening Post from that time routinely hyphenate the words ‘to-day’ and ‘to-morrow’, showing how the language has evolved in the intervening decades.

In other news, Chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord Woolton, predicted house prices would drop 25 per cent if independent builders were allowed to build more homes. He was speaking at a time when the first Labour government was in charge of the country.

Lord Woolton said the first thing a Tory government would do would be to restore competition in the housing market, thereby bringing about the much needed price drop.

He was addressing the 60th annual meeting of the Yorkshire Provincial Area of Conservative and Unionist Associations.

Meanwhile, over in Rotherham, industry was threatened with complete breakdown as a result of a strike by coke men and by-product workers in the Yorkshire coalfield.

And finally, Wakefield was vying to become one of the best lit cities in the country, thanks to a £12,000 scheme to improve lighting. It meant replacing old gas lights with fluorescent ones throughout the city to get rid of ‘dark spots’.