Leeds nostalgia: The future of Roundhay Park was secured for future generations in February 1983

25th July 1982''Roundhay Park, Leeds''Rolling Stones Concert
25th July 1982''Roundhay Park, Leeds''Rolling Stones Concert
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Roundhay Park was declared a conservation area.

The move was welcomed by campaigners who wanted to see the area restored and well kept.

The Roundhay

Conservation Society had a lot to say about the area at the time, which resulted in Leeds City Council issuing guidelines on future developments in the area.

Walter Crawford, who was chairman of the society, told the Yorkshire Post in 1983: “The park should always be kept in good condition and repairs should be done, which is not the case at the moment.”

It was no wonder the area was neglected, with the park

playing host to music legends such as

Madonna, Michael

Jackson and Bruce Springsteen, throughout the 80s.

To preserve the history and peaceful surroundings of Roundhay, Leeds City

Council issued a plan that said new developments would have to fit with the existing characteristics of the area,

reflecting the Edwardian and Victorian styles of existing homes. The park itself

dates back to time of William the

Conqueror, when he granted lands to Ilbert De Lacy. Pictured is the Rolling Stones concert of July 1982.