Leeds nostalgia: The fall of Kirkstall cooling towers VIDEO

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This video shows the former Kirkstall Power Station and the two cooling towers which were put up in 1931. They were knocked down on Good Friday (April 13), 1979.

The video, taken by an amateur, show the towers before, during and after their domolition. It also shows Kirkstall residents gathering to watch the spectacle.

The two 250 feet cooling towers collapsed virtually within their own circumference. The towers can be seen collapsing into a plume of dust. The film then surveys the aftermath, showing just remnants of the bases of each of the 250-ton towers.

The power station was situated by the River Aire north west of Leeds and had its own wharf for delivery of coal via the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

By 1948, further extensions to the site had increased its combined generating capacity to around 200 MW.

The wharf used to unload coal is now a Marina for canal and pleasureboats. None of the structure remains, with the majority of the power station site covered by a secure caravan storage depot, golf course and artificial football pitches with the rest of the site now forming part of the Kirkstall Valley Nature Reserve. See the video here: tinyurl.com/n2wds39

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