Leeds nostalgia: The day Hitler’s body was reportedly found

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On this day in 1947, it was reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post that the charred remains of Hitler’s body had been discovered in Berlin by Russian troops.

The remains were one of four discovered in the basement of the Reich Chancellory and were said to closely resemble Hitler to the point where Russian officials stated they were “almost certain” they were those.

Numerous stories abound about what happened to Hitler after war, with some even claiming he managed to survive it. However, most agree he committed suicide, along with his just married wife Eva Braun (they wed just hours earlier).

It is thought that after his suicide, his body was burned and then buried before being discovered and moved in secret by Russian troops, who were keen not to reveal the location. One account has it that it was moved several times, before being burned completely to ash and scattered from a hilltop somewhere in Russia.