Leeds nostalgia: The city goes to the polls

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Leeds has seen it’s fair share of General Election drama over the decades and none more so than the huge landslide in 1945 when five Labour MPs were elected for Leeds including the soon to be Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell.

The count at Leeds Town Hall in 1974 would herald the return to power of local man Harold Wilson and the same sort of comeback was witnessed in 1951 when Winston Churchill returned to Number 10.

1945: The election results are announced in Leeds.

1945: The election results are announced in Leeds.

May 1983 was a busy time for Wilf Lister and Peter Sharpe who had the job of preparing ballot boxes at Belgrave House in readiness to receive more than 600,000 ballot papers in that year’s poll.

Four years later in 1987 our photographer caught this bird’s eye view of the long count at Leeds Town Hall where the local people took a major part in the national democratic process.

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